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'Black Holes' Music Video Treatment

The most over told story in professional sports is the success story, and for the past few years we've been filming a documentary that highlights top NHL prospects getting drafted into the NHL.


What seemed far more interesting though was the story we weren't telling-- the story about the players that never make it. They spend their whole lives trying to achieve their dreams to get drafted into the big leagues, but that call never comes for the majority of these athletes.


This is their story.



0:00-0:10: Shots of a little kid putting skates on by a pond and skating around on an open rink for the first time.


0:10-0:26: Quick flashes of the kid playing hockey/growing up through the years (mixed with quick band performance shots), flashes to news articles of this kid showing promise to make it to the NHL


0:26-0:36: Shot of same guy, now 20, on the team bus with his teammates, looking complacent out the bus window. 


0:36-0:46: Guy taping up his hockey stick on the bench of an empty arena, looking around at the empty seats -- still a look of complacent and contemplation


0:47-1:00: Flashback shots to the kid playing hockey, looking up into the stands at his parents -- trying to make them proud


1:00-1:02: Quick flashes back and forth from the kids face then to his face now, giving the same look into the stands 


1:02-1:08: Quick close-up artistic shots of this guy suiting up in  equipment in the dressing room


1:08-1:29: Fast paced montage of this guy playing in a game, heavy hits, shots, mixed with band performance shots.


1:29-1:49: Transition to band performance in the middle of an empty arena at center ice, cinematic lighting on the band

and arena 


1:50-2:05: Montage of the guy skating off the ice after the game, taking his jersey off revealing a bloodied wound from the game, taping up wound, packing up his bag of equipment, getting back onto the bus with a bag of ice on his shoulder


2:05-2:31: Montage putting his gear on in different cities, battling hard during games, taping his shoulder, going back on the ice to battle more, etc.


2:32-2:52: Cut to band performance in the middle of the empty arena


2:52-3:03: Quick shots of guy putting on a suit and tie, sitting in the stands next to another guy at the NHL Draft


3:02: A spotlight is then put on the other guy next to our main actor, the other guy stands up and celebrates (all slow motion shots). Cut to a close up profile shot of our guys face with a blank stare and contemplation. Cut to black. 


Visual References for Performance Scene

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