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Our Story.


Established in 2005, Straylight Films Inc. was the result of a lifelong passion for video production.


We always strive to achieve our clients goals and exceed expectations- not only with the videos we produce, but with the personal relationships we develop through business. Whether it's elevating the brand of an international company, or capturing the memories of a couples precious wedding day moments- we're there to do what we do best, with the efficiency and poise that our clients always appreciate.


We've produced many videos in the hockey world that have been broadcast on ESPN, TSN, The Score, The NHL Network, and seen by millions online. Along with the hundreds of weddings we've filmed, we also stay busy elevating businesses' online branding, commercials, events, music videos, and our feature length film- which sold out 10 screenings at Cineplex Odeon and Lakeshore Cinemas in it's theatrical debut.


We still see this as only the beginning, and will continue to make the visions and goals a reality for our clients. Our name and reputation is always on the line, and we will always put our heart and soul into delivering content that ensure your investment with with us is a fully satisfying experience.

"You're only as good as your last piece of work" is a saying we stand firmly behind. Companies hire us because our heart and soul goes into every single video we shoot, and we aren't finished until the client is satisfied. If you're happy, you spread the word and help our business to grow. It's always a win, win.

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